Stacked frills (pleated)

Stacked frills (pleated)

1 MANUFACTURING THE SAMPLE – We decide, what size of folds we want to get. For a trial, we put a strip of fabric in four or five folds, we fasten with pins and press. We make deep folds, so that they form a strong edge, but we don't leave stock, at the most in the corners. We measure the length of the sample.

2 PLANNING THE LENGTH OF THE REQUIRED MATERIAL – We take out the pins and measure the length of the sample strip. We divide the length of the frill by the length of the sample after the folds have been arranged and multiply by the length of the straightened strip used for the sample. We will get the required length of the material.

3 MARKING FOLDERS – We connect the parts of the frill with a flat or tuck stitch. On the left side we mark the places for folding the folds, taking care, so that the joining points are hidden underneath.

4 STITCHING FOLDS – We fold the folds along the marked lines and fasten them with pins. After fastening all of them, baste them at the height 1,5 cm. from the top edge. We iron the folds, sew them together and remove the basting.

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