Style selection

The choice of curtain fabrics is huge, same as hanging systems. First of all, let's consider the practical side. Consider the shape and size of the window, the need for privacy, general decor and color scheme of the room. If we plan to renew the room, we can base the new decor on the curtain material. Let's remember, that curtains and curtains can give the interior a unique character, create a mood, as well as the illusion of an increase or decrease in space.

if we want, so that the curtain on the window is not only practical, but also elegant, let's choose a simple top finish and a plain fabric for the lining, and for hanging, let's use a curtain rod in the form of a rod with wheels. A rod or rail extending far beyond the contour of the window allows you to easily reveal the window.

If the window faces an open space and the curtains do not need to be used for insulation and blackout, let's consider a purely decorative design. We can combine drapery with a smooth blind, which we are rolling, when it is not needed. Stora is a practical solution out there, where the decorativeness of the window finish is the overriding goal. Curtain pinned on a rod yes, so that the heavy fabric hangs in cascades on both sides, frames the window and softens its outline. Stora protects furniture against the harmful effects of sunlight

The rich window decoration reached its peak in the 19th century. It was then that a wide range of accessories was introduced, such as lashing straps, weeds and growths. The high windows in a house from this period are perfect for elaborate curtains decorated with draperies and tails. The folds of the fabric are highlighted with ribbons that fasten the curtain.

Curtains can be used not only for windows. They can also be used to cover other openings, e.g.. built-in wardrobe doors or alcove entrances. They are practical - they can be easily extended and protect against dust. At the same time, they bring a color accent to the room or develop the space. Behind the curtains, which are an interesting decorative element, there are wardrobes.

When sewing curtains for several windows, be it single holes next to each other, or a large bay window, not only will we need a lot of fabric, but we have to design them like this, so that the windows can be easily uncovered. The most practical solution is several individual curtains hung like this, that when exposed, they are on the sides of the windows or between them. After the curtains are drawn, the fabric will then form one plane across the entire width of the wall with windows. The lambrequin covers the long rail, on which the curtains are hung. The contrasting fabric of the lambrequin trim emphasizes its shape. The curtains are hung individually on one long rail. The folds of the abundant folds at the floor enhance the impression of the curtains' solidity; thanks to this, the curtains also provide better insulation.

Curtains hung on separate rods separate the sleeping and toilet parts of the room. This solution is often used, especially in apartments, studios, where one room, as a rule, fulfills several functions. The curtains are fastened, when not in use.

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